RiDGiD STUDiOS Awards:

Streamys - Best Documentary - Psycho Family (2017)

Streamys - Best Director - My Virtual Escape (MVE) (2018)

Hey there Juggies!

It's your old pal, McJuggerNuggets here!

Jesse Ridgway (aka McJuggerNuggets) has been creating content on Youtube for the last 12 years, accumulating over 1.7 billion views and more than 3.8 million subscribers. McJuggerNuggets’ comedy-driven narratives blend reality with traditional film-making techniques to give a truly immersive experience. Infamously known for his Psycho Dad videos, Jesse has gone on to create multiple series spanning across many different universes with the help of his friends and family. In 2016, Jesse teamed up with Hollywood director, Brian Spitz, to create a documentary called, “Psycho Family“, which would later be sold to Verizon and distributed through Go90. The film went on to earn a Streamy Award for “Best Documentary” in 2017. On top of running his own multimedia company, “RiDGiD STUDiOS”, Jesse also has created his own app called: “StoryFire”. StoryFire is available on all devices and empowers users to read, write and earn a living off of their creative works.

For the past year, Jesse has been creating a brand new series titled, “My Virtual Escape”, which has been premiering on StoryFire. The series spans over 24-highly produced episodes and has earned him another Streamy Award in 2018 for Best Director. Jesse Ridgway resides in Southern New Jersey with his family, friends, cast and crew. Below you will find his body of work, including all social media links and accomplishments.


We tell stories together

A revolutionary new story-telling application that allows aspiring writers and video creators to publish short-form written content, video series, build communities and monetize their work. The platform was founded by Brian Spitz and Jesse Ridgway. The StoryFire community has well over 150,000 users in just two short years of being in development.

Psycho Series

Graphic Novel

After shooting his Dad and fleeing to Switzerland, famous YouTuber “McJuggerNuggets” (Psycho Kid) struggles with his own sanity, only to learn that his Psycho Dad isn’t actually dead. Psycho Kid seeks out magical elixirs to hopefully gain enough strength to prove to his Father that he IS a man and that he CAN pursue his dreams. However, with newly-discovered super powers, Psycho Dad seeks to destroy his son and teach him a lesson once and for all.

Experience some of the greatest moments from Jesse Ridgway’s iconic “Psycho Series” in a completely re-imagined and exciting new adventure, re-visiting beloved locations and featuring everyone’s favorite characters from the series like you’ve never seen them before! “Psycho Kid vs. Psycho Dad” is a timeless classic for all generations! Now quit reading the back and jump in!


Keep it RiDGiD Juggies!

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